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‘X-Men’, Adam Sandler…and Toothless? on KC LIVE Critic Chat

This was a huge moment for me. Not only do I feel like a real critic for publicly ripping an Adam Sandler movie, but I got to share some air time with a huge star — no, not Michelle Davidson — but Toothless from “How to Train Your Dragon” movie fame. KCL2

Check out my latest appearance on Kansas City Live!, where I review “X-Men Days of Future Past”, “Blended”, and “Chef”. Be sure to stick around for the whole video not only to see Toothless on the KCL set, but also to see me wearing a way-too-small viking helmet.

Kansas City Live! Critic Chat:

Critic Chat on KC Live!: ‘Captain Phillips’ and ‘Escape from Tomorrow’

My most recent visit to KC Live! offered something that was pretty cool. Getting to talk about a Tom Hanks movie, as well as one of my favorite directors, Paul Greengrass. Check out the video below, courtesy of KSHB-TV 41.

From KC Live!:

Kansas City movie critic Tim English from Bonus Features and, reviews the latest Hollywood films, “Escape from Tomorrow” and “Captain Phillips”. Watch the video below to see how “Escape from Tomorrow” was able to secretly film inside Disney World and if Tom Hank’s return to the big screen is a slam dunk or a sunken ship.

KC Live! October 11, 2013

Critic Chat on KC Live!: ‘Prisoners’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz 3D’

Friday, September 20, 2013

On my latest appearance on KC Live with Michael Mackie and Michelle Davidson, I had the please of talking about one of the greatest films of all time. No, not “Prisoners”, although it’s a solid movie.KCLIVE

I’m actually talking about the great and powerful “Wizard of Oz”. You can check out the link to my review below. I didn’t see the need to waste a page with a review here, because I know you’ve all seen it a thousand times and by the time you probably read this, it will be gone from theatres and out on DVD.

From KC Live:

Kansas City movie critic Tim English from Bonus Features and, reviews one of the latest Hollywood film, “Prisoners”. Watch the video to see if this star packed film measures up to the hype.

KC Live! September 20, 2013:

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