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‘Major League’ named Best Sports Movie Ever

The Reel Hooligans have spoken. “Major League” is the Best Sports Movie Ever according to the podcast, hosted by film critic Timothy English.

Taylor, Hayes, Dorn, Vaughn, and Cerrano gather around Jobo. (Paramount Pictures)
Taylor, Hayes, Dorn, Vaughn, and Cerrano gather around Jobo. (Paramount Pictures)

The show features a rotating panel of guests who love movies. This week’s Hooligans¬†included David Cain, Jason Haugland, Jessica O’Shea, and Bryan O’Connor, in addition to English.

The Reel Hooligan Movie Madness tournament began with 32 movies, which were divided into four regions, Skippers, Rivals, Underdogs, and Legends. Each Hooligan voted, winners advancing. If a tie occurred, then and only then would Tim vote.

“Major League” claimed the title as the BEST. SPORTS. MOVIE. EVER. with a 3-1 vote over the 1984 classic, “The Karate Kid” after defeating “The Sandlot” in the tournament semi-finals. “Karate Kid” earned a spot in the final by upsetting #1 overall seed “Rocky” 3-1 in the semis.

Listen to the podcast: Tim and the Reel Hooligans ep. 102

Bob Uecker as the legendary Harry Doyle. (Paramount Pictures)

Originally released in 1989, “Major League” was written and directed by Academy Award winner David S. Ward (“The Sting” 1973). The film proved to be a major break through for stars such as Charlie Sheen and Wesley Snipes and became a cult-favorite providing memorable scenes and lines of incredibly witty dialogue that has been quoted for years and years.

James Gammon as Coach Lou Brown. (Paramount)

Major League —¬†Paramount Pictures (1989)

Running time: 1 hour 47 minutes

MPAA rating: R