Reel Hooligans (podcast)


Welcome to Hooligan Nation.reel hooligans transparent bg

We’re just here to talk about movies and drink some beer — looks like we’re almost out of beer. But make no mistake, we can get more beer.

Every episode I get together with my idiot friends (fellow critics, filmmakers, actors, or literally just my idiot, movie geek friends) and we talk about movies, TV, beer, whatever comes up.

So, sit back. Grab a beer…and enjoy.

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On Tap: Captain America and Iron Man slug it out, the best movie rivalries, a preview of the SUMMER 2016 movie season, and a game of HOOLIGAN BLOCKBUSTER RECALL!!


  • David Cain
  • Bryan O’Connor
  • Alex Young
  • Jennifer English

Sound Engineer: Joshua Wise


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