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Bay proves he belongs in R rated territory with ‘Pain and Gain’

PainGainttThere are two things that director Michael Bay constantly reminds the audience throughout his new flick, “Pain & Gain”. One is that it is sadly based on a true story. The other is the three characters it is based on, Daniel Lugo, Paul Doyle and Arian Doorbal, are complete and total idiots.

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‘Admission’ gets an incomplete for a lack of humor

AdmissionGetting into¬†college¬†is no laughing matter, which is exactly what is the driving problem behind “Admission”, starring Tina Fey and Paul Rudd. A movie that aims to use the presumed cuteness of Fey and the charm of Rudd fails never quite figures out what kind of movie it wants to be. Is it a farce comedy? A romantic comedy? Is it even a comedy at all?

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